Promoting and encouraging photography in the Eurobodalla Shire

Competition rules

Download the Competition Rules (pdf 87kb)


Effective Jan 2016


 (1) Members must be financial before they can enter the club competitions. Any member whose membership fees are in arrears by more than two months, will be regarded as having let their membership lapse and will not be allowed to enter their photographs in the monthly competitions until they have re-joined the club and paid their subscription.

 (2) If a member allows his / her membership to lapse, any competition points already accumulated in the club's year will become null and void.

 (3) Notwithstanding any points accumulated in the monthly competitions, trophies will not be given to any member who is not fully financial or who has let their membership lapse.

 In extenuating circumstances, the committee may exercise its discretion to waive rules (1) and / or (2). 


 There are two main divisions of competition entries: 

  • Prints  - Open Subject
  • Projected Images – Set subject

Each of these has a colour and a monochrome section.

All projected image entries must be submitted to the Competition Secretary no later than two weeks before the competition date. This is to allow time for the entries to be checked, numbered and sent out to the judge or to members if they are judging.

All entries must have a title when they are submitted to facilitate record keeping. All entries must bear the member’s name, but this will not be forwarded to the judge.

All print entries can be entered on the night of the competition. The name of the photographer and the number of his / her entries must be recorded in the competition register.


Members may put up to five entries in each monthly competition of which up to three may be projected images in accordance with the following table.

  • 3 projected set subject entries + 2 open prints.
  • 2 projected set subject entries + 3 open prints
  • 1 projected set subject entry    + 4 open prints
  • 0 projected set subject entries + 5 open prints

The number of entries will be reviewed as the year progresses and changes may be necessary in order to make the competitions manageable.

Entries may be commercially processed or self-processed work, but the original photographs must have been taken by the member entering the photos. Photographs of images taken by others (e.g. from publications) are not permitted; neither are pictures which have been downloaded from the internet, whether modified or not.

The original photographs may have been taken with a film or a digital camera.

All prints must be mounted on a simple, single mat board.

Any editing / manipulation of entries using Photoshop or other software, must be the member’s own work. Whilst they make seek guidance from more experienced members or external sources, the actual application of software adjustments must be carried out by the member.

Members may not enter a photo which is only marginally different from one which they have previously or currently entered i.e. there must be a noticeable difference.

It is not permissible to enter a photograph in a monthly competition which is simply a monochrome conversion of a previously or concurrently entered coloured photograph or vice versa.


  • Projected images:

             When submitting projected images to the Competition Secretary, they must be sized at 1920 pixels on the long side and at a file size of no more than 2 MB.

  • Prints:

 Minimum size 15 x 10 cm. (6” x 4”).

 Maximum 42 x 30 cm.  (17" x 12").


  • There is no age limit on entries in either the Set or Open divisions.  


If a photograph has already won an award at the Club i.e. a Gold or a Silver award or an Image of the Night, it cannot be entered in any subsequent competitions, except for the "Image of the Year" competition in November.                                                                                                                                    


If a photograph has not won an award in a monthly competition, it may be re-entered in subsequent competitions. There is no limit to the number of times a photograph can be re-entered if it hasn't won an award.

If it was originally entered as a print it must be re-entered as a print. If it was originally entered as a projected image it must be a projected image.

It must be the same photograph which is re-entered and not adjusted in any way.


The Competition Secretary shall adjudicate on any questions of eligibility of any photograph for the Set Subject competition.  The entrant shall have the right of appeal to a tribunal consisting of the Competition Secretary and any two other Committee Members. Any questions of eligibility are to be resolved prior to the judging of the competition and preferably before the photographs are displayed.. 


Judging of the monthly competitions will be by one of the following three methods:

  • If possible an external Guest Judge will be asked to do the judging - often this will be a visiting guest speaker. Alternatively, entries may be sent to a remote judge who will then provide feedback and results which will be communicated at the club meeting by a committee member.
  • Club members (and visitors) will be asked to judge by annotating the voting slip with Gold and Silver awards. If there are more Gold or Silver awards given than the rules permit, the winners will be decided by a show of hands vote.
  • A volunteer club member or two members will judge on the night, provided they have no entries in the particular group.  Sometimes two volunteer club members may do the judging for different groups.
  • The judge's decisions are final.


The number of Gold and Silver awards will be dependent upon the number of entries in each section, in accordance with the following table:                                                                                                                                  

  • 12 or more entries -   Up to 3 Gold and 5 Silver.
  • 6 – 11 entries        -   Up to 2 Gold and 2 Silver
  • 1 – 5 entries               Up to 1 Gold and 1 Silver                                                                                                                                           

Two "Image of the Night" awards will be given each month; one in the projected images group and one in the print group. Only those entries which have been awarded Gold awards on the night will be eligible for Images of the Night.

 POINT SCORES (for each monthly competition)

  • 1 point for each group entered.
  • 5 points for a Gold and 3 points for a Silver.
  • 5 points for the "Image of the Night"


Highest Point Scores. These will be awarded to the members with the three highest aggregate point scores across all divisions and sections during the past year's competitions (January-October).

Images of the Year.  At the November meeting all photographs that have been entered in the monthly competitions during the year will be eligible for entry in the respective "Images of the Year" competition. They do not necessarily have to have gained awards in the monthly competitions.  

There will be one Image of the Year award for projected images and one for prints.

If a photograph was originally entered as a print it must be re-entered as a print. If it was originally entered as a projected image it must be a projected image.